Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Summer Weight Loss Challenge- Week 8

This week's tip is Drink some Fuckin' H20. You need water so make sure you get 8 glasses in a day.

Our bodies range from 50-65% water. Every damn part of your body needs water to function. So you know if that ain't enough here are some more reasons to get your 8, 8 oz. glasses a day....

To drive the point home I used some colorful fucking language.

Here are the TOP 10 reasons to drink some fucking water....

10- Prevent Headaches- Some headaches are caused by dehydration, you can avoid dehydration by drinking some fucking water!

9- Flush Out the Waste- We pee and sweat out toxins and excess sodium, so help yourself rid yourself of that sodium bloat or the crap you accumulated by drinking some fucking water.

8- Weight Loss- Sometimes you think you are hungry when in fact you're actually thirsty. Seriously! I noticed since I picked up my water intake that I am hungry less often. Drink some fucking water and eat less!

7- Ease them achy joints- Your joints need water too, the cartilage in your joints needs water to stay hydrated. So if you got a sweat session planned- drink some fucking water.

6- Water keeps skin looking good- Your skin is composed of lots of water. If you are dehydrated it can make wrinkles look more pronounced. Keep looking healthy and younger by drinking some fucking water.

5- Keep your guts happy- Staying hydrated aids in the pooping... preventing constipation. Wanna stay regular? Drink some fucking water.

4- Keep them muscles energized- When you are working out you muscles can lose water. Keep energized and going by drinking some fucking water.

3- Increase Energy- Since water is used in EVERY aspect of the body, being low in H20 can decrease energy. Stay energized by drinking some fucking water.

2- Look slim- When you are dehydrated your body actually retains water! Don't bloat, drink some fucking water!

1- Improve your mood- Dehydration can cause difficulty concentrating and headaches causing a bad mood. Keep calm and drink some fucking water!

Be on the look out tomorrow for some awesome cocktail inspired water infusion recipes to make drinking water fun again!!

Week 7 recap- 

I did pretty well, balanced indulging in food with exercise. Lost that birthday pound! SCORE!