Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer Weight Loss- Week 12

This week's tip for the summer weight loss challenge- Be a portion pro! Eating in the proper portions is most of the battle when living a healthy lifestyle!

Eating healthy, nutritious foods is only part of the battle of the bulge. Knowing how much to eat is JUST as important or even more so! Knowing what a portion is really opened my eyes when I started my journey into a healthy lifestyle...

I literally filled a plate with pasta, that is totally just a serving, right?! WRONG! 1 cup of pasta is a serving. So still to this day I measure my pasta since I tend to be heavy handed with it! Same with rice, couscous, etc. A serving of meat, who knows what a serving a meat is... oh it must be that steak you gave me. WRONG! It's just 3 oz.! So same thing goes for meat I weigh it. Though now I have gotten good at eyeballing it. A serving of meat is the size of a deck of cards.

Here is a list of what portions look like...

I know it can totally be scary and the MOST annoying thing like EVER! Believe me I resisted weighing and measuring my food for a while, but that is why I did not see much success before. Once I started weighing and measuring my food it really gave me the momentum and the power to learn proper eating habits! Just do it, seriously! It make a BIG difference and it's not so bad. Also if your plate doesn't look like enough... add some veggies, you can NEVER go wrong adding more veggies!

To make measuring and weighing much less of a hassle, I hung my measuring cups and spoons in plain sight where I prepare my food. This made it a lot less of a pain in the ass!