Monday, August 18, 2014

Summer Weight Loss- Week 13

You love food, that is why you are reading this website. Food is one of the things that brings you joy. To me food is definitely one of life's greatest pleasures! Funny enough, I became a lot more adventurous with it when I started my journey into healthier living. As much as I loved food, I was stuck in a box.

I only ate American, Italian and Greek Food. I knew what I knew and I ate in larger quantities. Food was great to me, but I didn't have much respect for it. I wanted lots of it and I wasn't that picky an eater.

You remember the movie the 40 Year Old Virgin, Steve Carrel's friend says to him you gotta take the p***y off the pedestal, well in the case of food you should put it on a pedestal.

This is why this week is all about playing with your food. Try new things you were scared to try, veggies you never heard of. Worse comes to worse spit it out! But I started looked to food as almost art. I started caring about how I plated it and where I ate it and the music I listened to. Food is not something to be scarfed and pooped, if it is one of life's pleasures explore all there is to offer and enjoy every bite!

A few years ago I would never have dreamed of eating a fruit salad with burrata, hell I never even knew what it was. Now I do crazy things with food! Crazy like a healthy fox!

This quote ALWAYS inspires me and it is soooo soooo true! When I started playing with food magic happened and I realized I LOVE vegetables and fruit, just not the way I had eaten them through my childhood. Veggies are sooo much better when they are NOT frozen and stuffed into a pot with some water! They can taste sweet, they can be served as part of the meal and not just a side!