Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Best Guinness Brownies You'll Ever Eat! #StPatricksDay

You want the ultimate dessert for St. Patrick's Day? This recipe is for the BEST Guinness Brownies you will EVER eat! More like fudge than a brownie and more decadent than any brownie you have even eaten.

Every now and again I get sooooooo ridiculously excited to share a recipe I can hardly contain it! THIS is one of those times. WHY?!

I made the best damn Guinness Brownies you will ever stuff in your face- that is not a claim I make with wild abandon. I have eaten my fair share of brownies and these far surpass any that I have eaten. Yes ANY brownies, not just of the Guinness persuasion.

Well for one it's not every day you eat a brownie quite this decadent with an entire pound of chocolate and a half pound of butter. (I paid for this dearly at the gym, I assure you.)

It's also not every day that one has put Guinness into a brownie and not JUST Guinness but also Jameson's Whiskey. (It actually compliments the beer quite nicely with it's toffee notes)

Another awesome thing about his recipe- only seven ingredients- NONE of which are brownie mix. I don't play with that stuff anymore... all real baby. Feel 'em!

Well when I made and perfected this recipe I knew it was one of the most foodgasmic moments I have ever had. I didn't share on my blog's social media, but rather my personal and EVERYONE wanted to recipe. I am soooo soooo sorry to my friends that had to wait! But finally it is here and I get to share it with the world!

Can you EVEN handle the fudge.... OMG!

I wrote this AMAZING recipe for SheKnows.com. Get the full recipe after the jump!!

Check out the FULL recipe HERE!