Tuesday, April 21, 2015

8 Beers that taste like Spring! #BeerMonth

FINALLY at long last it's Spring! So I compiled a list of beers that taste like Spring! From hoppy to sweet there is something for EVERYONE!

 These are 8 beers that TOTALLY taste like SPRING! After a loooong ass winter let's drink up some of that Spring taste with these!

1- Green Flash West Coast IPA
Double IPA, 8.1% ABV

Hello hippity hops- 6 kinds to be exact! This double IPA will sneak up on you with 8.1% going down like a session. Totally floral smell, kinda grassy taste and no bitter end, it's all that is awesome oabout spring. It tastes like the new life popping up around you. Like the bees, this beer  will give you a nice buzz. When I drink this beer I imagine myself again in Ocean City in San Diego watching the surfers try and take the pacific. Drink up- we survived winter!!

How it makes you feel! 

2. Sixpoint Hi-Res
Triple IPA, 10.5% ABV

This triple IPA is a sweet smelling Boozey trap!  Yup, you see that- 10.5% and totally smooth. This beer is one of the best hoppy beers from Sixpoint and pretty sweet mostly from the high ABV. This would be amazing with anything acidic or citrusy. I made my chili verde with this guy- made the perfect addition. The flavors of citrus just remind you of spring from the freshly cut grass to drinking lemonade on a warm spring day!
It's been a hell of a winter you need this 10.5%!!

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3. Ithaca Apricot Wheat
Fruit beer, 4.9% ABV

Wheat beer with fruit, no brainier! What other fruit tastes more fresh or Spring-like?! I have loved this as one of my go to spring beers for years! Consistently good. It's been a favorite for a while and I was so excited I got to visit Ithaca brewery a couple weeks ago! PS- you should definitely head there for some good food.

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4. Riverhorse Tripel horse
Belgian tripel, 10% ABV 

Another heavy hitter, what can I say? I like boozy beers! Smells of lemon peel and tastes like the very nector of spring itself. Like sucking the sweet nectar from the goddess of spring! Sweet, a little heavy, but so rich in flavor! It has a bit of that honey flavor happening and it's the color of honey too!

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5. Ommegang Hennepin 
Farmhouse Saison, 7.7% ABV

This is the is lighter more mellow in comparison to the Riverhorse. Citrusy, honey flavor, kinda like the white wine or champagne of beers. The yeast used for it gives it nice carbonation and a champagne like taste. But not as heavy on the alcohol. The carbonation tickles the tongue and you sit and watch the grass get progressively greener!

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6. Otter Creek Backseat Berner IPA
Holy fucking hops dude! This beer is a hop explosion in the mouth. With the waft of freshly cut crash when you crack the bottle open you know what awaits breathes the life of Spring! I can't think of a better and more appropriate beer for cutting the grass! Super citrusy as well and butter for the IPA beginner with 68 IBUs. But this isn't my first time around the hop block- I can take it and enjoy it! 

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7. Dogfish Head Tweason'ale Gluten Free Ale 
Gluten free ale brewed with sorghum, strawberries and buckwheat honey, 6% ABV

With the scent of strawberries and honey, it's like the hills are alive with the taste of this beer! You may go all Julie Andrews for a hot minute- twirling and shit. Oh wait never mind... I went there in my head for a sec and I liked it. I was thoroughly impressed with with, it's a great beer, fruity and a bit sweet, but not overly so. It's not just good forms gluten free beer- it's a good beer! Leave it to dogfish head... They always amaze me!

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8. Ithaca Brewery, Flower Power IPA
IPA, 7.5% ABV

Why is it called flower power- well that would be from the intense floral aroma of the hops in this IPA. You can smell it, without even putting you're nose right up in the head of the beer. Get right up there and you'll be a hippie saving flower child swaying and throwing peace sign in place of the middle finger of choice in a bout of Long Island road rage.

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NOW I wanna know, what are some of YOUR favorite Spring beers??!