Sunday, January 8, 2012

Genghis Kahn Korean BBQ and PanAsian Food

Still sizzling in an iron griddle

Fried Pork appetizer with three Korean pickles

Jim's Spicy Pork Bento Box
My Korean Beef Entree
    You may be wondering where all my food posts were, well I took a small sabbatical since I bought a home.  My love of food an culture and my need for a more urban suburban locale lead me to buy a home walking distance to Main Street in Smithtown.  For a foodgasmic person like me, this is amazing.  Main Street in Smithtown is a breeding ground for some amazing Restaurants.  This review is for a small hole in the wall called Genghis Kahn, which a friend of mine recommended to me.
   It took me more than four months, but I finally made it there and it was worth the wait!  Prices were great (between $12-$24 for entrees), service was friendly, food was overall very good and it's not trendy so there was no wait for a table.
    We started with a fried pork appetizer which had this sweet and tangy teriyaki sauce over the top.  Cooked well and the presentation was great.  They served us some Korean pickled vegetables, two spicy and one sweet.  They were a great compliment to the appetizer.
    For my entree I ordered the korean beef plate.  Firstly I LOVE that it came to the table sizzling!  Secondly it has that wonderful sweet ginger sauce and lastly I liked the texture of the meat, very tender. My husband had the spicy pork bento box which was adorable!! It contained a portion of the entree, two fried pork gyoza dumplings, a small salad with ginger dressing and an orange for dessert.
   I have to give this a 3.5 out of 5 bites, overall the food and service were great, but the ambiance was lacking.