Sunday, January 8, 2012

Tradtion with a twist- My Favorite Thing to do!

Grilled reduced fat Gouda with fresh Thyme on a rustic multigrain bread.

Baked Brie grilled cheese with reduced fat Brie, cranberry apple butter, walnuts and fresh orange on rustic multigrain bread.
So a fellow foodgasmic friend and I talked about how there should be a restaurant that is dedicated to grilled cheese and while mulling it over thought of the dozens of possabilites!  Instantly I thought of a variation on baked brie and converting it to grilled cheese, so I just has to try it tonight!
    For myself I made this baked brie grilled cheese and took all the ingredients I love in baked brie and took them to this sandwich. First for both I used this great rustic multigrain bred from Trader Joe's then I added the brie slices cranberry apple butter, walnuts and a small slice of fresh orange.  To top it off I pressed it on the George Foreman with REAL BUTTER!  Ohhhhh yeah!  It was gooey, melty, sweet, tangy with just that hint of nuttiness from the walnuts.  Amazing!
    For my husband I made him his own with gouda and fresh thyme.  I tried it and it was glorious! Once again gooey, but this was more refined, more elegant, very European!  Herbs and cheese are once again a foodgasmic combo!

5 out of 5 bites- because lets face it---It's got butter and cheese!
Shout out to Christie Cotty-Owens for the inspiration!