Wednesday, August 28, 2013

#ThirstyThursday Drinkgasm Double Cherry Red Stag and Coke Zero

Why is this a Drinkgasm?

When my foodie pal Lauren from Hall Nesting asked if I wanted to do a #ThirstyThursday post, I was more than happy to oblige. My love of bourbon was only expressed in the bourbon iced tea, but I wanted to explore more. make sure you read all the way to the bottom of this post for Lauren's feature #ThirstyThursday cocktail.

Red Stag is one of my favorites. It's a cherry infused bourbon with natural cherry flavor. Usually fruit flavored liquors are very sweet, too sweet and artificially flavored. They also tend to cover up the true taste of the liquor to mask a terribly cheap tasting base liquor. BUT with Red Stag there is none of this! It's a smooth bourbon with a kiss of natural cherry taste. Just enough that it actually enhances the flavor of the bourbon and sets it off. You can definitely drink it on the rocks, but you know me. I have to make something with it...

So there are jack and cokes and cherry about Red Stag in Coke Zero and then why not add some maraschino cherries for good measure to get an even more intense cherry flavor?! Duh, this was a no brainer.

This is very easy to make and low in calories. A great drink if you are in a liquor mood, but don't wanna pay the calorie price for some fancy umbrella drink or martini (ie: my one night stand Rainbow Cookie Martini).

What you need

1 shot (jigger) of Red Stag
1 cup of Coke Zero
4 maraschino cherries
Ice if desired

How to make it

1- Pretty self explanatory just put some ice in a whiskey glass, add your coke the shot of Red Stag and some maraschino cherries, EASY and delish while also being low in calories!

Nutritional Info

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