Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Weight Loss Challenge - Week 3

We all think in extremes... to lose weight I have to work out 5 days a week and stop eating junk food and start eating salad like every day. Then to make matters worse you try and do it all at once... Does this sound familiar?

The truth is your setting yourself up for failure, no one can make those changes overnight and you would hate living. Then honestly WTF is the point?!

Do not try and start with these HUGE lofty goals. Start with stupidly simple goals. Like seriously idiot proof. Something that you absolutely KNOW you can achieve.

For example: Say you don't work at all, just the sight of a gym makes you cringe. Well can you take a walk around the block once a week, just once? Totally!

Another example: You're obsessed with soda, you drink like 4 a day. Well maybe you cut it down to 3 a day.

The point is when you set a completely attainable goal, you achieve it. That makes you feel good about yourself, then you can move to the next level of that goal. That positive reinforcement gives you confidence and makes you feel great that you did something you wanted to do for yourself, more importantly you kept your word to yourself!

Conversely when we set goals too high and are unable to achieve them we think negatively about ourselves, making our self esteem plummet and that causes you to fall off the wagon and jump into a pile of twinkies.

So even if you think it is dumb... humor me and try it out.

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