Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer Weight Loss Challenge- Week 4

This week's tip: Show yourself some LOVE

Have you ever noticed how you talk to yourself? That voice in your head? Take a good listen, chances are there all sorts of negative mean spirited bullying going on. We are, often, our worst critics. So this week I want you to take notice of how you talk to yourself... then try and imagine what you best friend would say to you!

I had this revelation when talking to a friend a few years ago. We were talking about weight loss and often how you think in terms of black and white and expect perfection from yourself. We were talking and I realized I always tell myself... "You're not good enough..."

So for a week a consiously listened in on this dialogue to myself..... the very first day I will never forget what I noticed.I was at the gym- I was about 40-50 pounds heavier than I am now and this is what was running through my head.

"What the hell am I doing here, these people probably think I am hopeless and look disgusting... how did I get this heavy? I look like a joke." (that is the basic jist)

I then realized what I was doing and I turned it around on myself- I thought where is the positive in this situation? Okay I could see it, like a best friend would tell me.

"Actually Sophia you are fucking brave and you DESERVE to be here more than anyone, you need this, you want this and you DESERVE to be healthy. You are taking charge of your health, good for you!"

So this week I implore you to listen to your voice and show yourself some much deserved love. You have the power to change and do ANYTHING you set your mind to, if you're on your own side.

Week 3 in review

My lowpoint - Tuesday eating a small hot fudge sundae at Carvel. Yeah I ate that bitch right up. I had a hard day and was feeling pretty crappy about myself from work. An old friend of mine got a promotion and is now giving me orders on a project. It reminded me that I am exactly at the same job that is totally beneath my skill set. I felt like an utter failure. But to see this from the bright side I got the sundae in a SMALL and I got nonfat ice cream. So I am proud of myself for that!

My high point- Thursday Dinner out with a friend- ordered some gourmet meatballs and a side of bacon risotto. I did NOT finish my meal. I knew the risotto was full of fat and calories and I had a weekend ahead of me. I knew I was gonna want to eat something extra or have some beer. So I didn't finish my food and silently did a happy dance. I am damn proud I didn't finish all that food, even though I wanted to!

The bottom line my last weigh day I did not gain or lose, I stayed the same. I'm hoping for a loss of .5 on Tuesday when I weigh in.