Thursday, January 8, 2015

2015 Goals: To do and not do in 2015!

Resolutions are really just goals in my mind, Like Yoda says, "Do or do not, there is no try." Here is what I want to accomplish and to not do in 2015!

Like Yoda says, "Do or do not, there is no try." I am a BIG believer in this. Work hard, play hard, all that jazz. It works for me. I have done well with my goals from last year. I shared in a previous post I accomplished ALL my goals from last year. ALL! But I didn't completely finish one. Either way this writing shit down makes it REAL!

It makes it ever REAL-er (if that's even a word) is to broadcast this shit on the web to all of you!

So here is goes...

My 2015 goals for NY Foodgasm

-To launch the new
with lots of awesome new functions bells and whistles
-To create at least 4 more videos
-Post at least twice and sometimes 3 times a week

Food Goals

-Learn and explore Cuban and Moroccan Food and Recipes
-Make the original Julia Child's Coq Au Von

Beer Goals

-Do an interview with some local brewers
-Learn more on brewing and beer styles

Personal Well Being Goals

-Get back into my 3-4 day a week fitness regime
-Acclimate to running 3-4 miles again
-Be more present in order to worry less
-Get my ass organized, seriously enough is enough!
-Lose 15 pounds
-FINISH the Tough Mudder

What NOT to do in 2015

-Stop comparing myself to others, we all fight a different battle on a different field.
-Stop doubting myself, I am doing myself a disservice and disrespecting myself.
-Care less if people like me, If I am always trying to please others I will never please myself.
-Stop standing in my own way, Be my own best friend and tough lover.
-Stop saying YES when I wanna say NO, I get that feeling and stutter that means no.
-Strive for perfection, it seriously doesn't exist and I drive myself NUTS.
-Simplify my life and my plans, things don't have to be complicated to be good.
-Lower my expectations for myself, I set the bar so damn high that it's hard to live up to.

 One word goal of 2015