Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Weight Loss Challenge- Week 7

Today it's my birthday and I enjoyed this weekend to it's fullest! It was my birthday and it only happens once a year so I am gonna enjoy it MY way.

Bacon and Beer!

My party had a bacon theme and it served as a bottle share. (A bottle share is when people bring all different types of beer and you sample them all as a group).

Yes it is the summer weight loss challenge BUT it's also my birthday and I am gonna have fun and own the consequences on the scale if there are any.

I also planned for this indulgence by getting in plenty of exercise. Went hiking almost every day of the weekend so I could minimize the damage and you know what? I will be heading out for MORE exercise in a few!

So I am taking control and owning my debauchery and undoing as much damage as I can. It is a MUCH different feeling when you eat too much on your birthday and didn't plan for it... then when you eat lots and DID plan for it. I'm in control- I got this.

While I am all mmmmmm bacon and beer- I accounted for this and allowed it to happen.

This may explain my brown butter and bacon ice cream that will find it's way onto the blow this week.

80% healthy 20% bacon and beer-- it ALL ties together!

My week's recap

The last couple weeks I have stayed the same weight (even with my lady time). So I take that as a good sign. But I know I gotta push through harder and detox from all the sweets and fat from this weekend. I am also joining a gym for the days it's too hot to run outside (i'm not a morning person). Like I said, got lots of exercise. BUT I also drank lots of beer and ate a bacon cheeseburger. Will I lose tomorrow? Guess I will find out! But if I didn't I am okay with that, I had a great week and enjoyed it all!