Thursday, December 18, 2014

DIY Craft Beer Christmas Wreath

Bring your love of craft beer to Christmas by making this awesome craft beer Christmas wreath. It only takes about 2 hours to put together and will make your decorations the talk of the town!

What happens when craft beer crashes Christmas crafting?  This wreath happens!! I totally meant to makes beer cap wreath last year and never got around to it. This year I made the time for my own little crafting project!

I had some craft beer caps I had been saving and we bought a real wreath. At first I thought of doing a beer cap wrath with a styrofoam wreath and just gluing caps to it. But we bought a real wreath at Trader Joe's and then it struck me- why not use a real wreath?!

So glad I did because look how darn cute this is! The caps almost look like ornaments on the wreath! Super cute and only took me about two hours to put together.

I didn't originally plan on posting this so I don't have lots of step by step pictures, but I assure you it is SUPER easy and fun to do while watching a Chirstmas movie and drinking a beer!

But ummm not too much you don't wanna burn yourself with the hot glue!

So bring your love of craft beer to the holidays with this craft that only took about 2 hours!

What you need 

1 Christmas wreath
Fake Holly if desired
Pine cones (mine came with pine cones on it already)
A variety of craft beer caps
Hot glue gun and some extra ammo
I think that red stuff is called nylon batting or something

How to make it

Takes about 2 hours.
1- Heat up your glue gun.
2- Place a large blog of hot glue on the back on the beer cap, I learned to put it inside the middle, the edges won't hold.
3- Place beer cap where desired and as many as desired.
4- I cute two 5 inch wide strips of that nylon badding and rolled it in a tube lengthwise. Then i folded it on half, but on an angle and hot glued it to the back of the wreath.
5- I also cut up some fake holly berries and hot glued them around the pine cones and a red Dogfish Head cap.

ENJOY! Merry Christmas to ALLLL!

I am thankful for each and everyone of you that actually gives a shit what I write and what I share. I appreciate it and look forward to sharing more in the coming year!


This is my old house!

It really pops against the bright blue door.