Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Celebrating Life's Achievements

In life, for every challenge you overcome, you should celebrate. I chose to create a badge, like you do in games to celebrate each challenge I overcome.

I like to call this life badges. You know how when you play a video game or check in with various app you get a badge. It seems silly but it makes you feel accomplished. Like woooo hooo I achieved something.

Most of my badges come from Untapped, the beer drinking app. Drink a bunch of domestic beer and get a "land of the free" badge.

Well why not celebrate our own achievements and accomplishments with a virtual badge of sorts.

Since I am a designer I whipped this up real quick for myself. Why? What did I do?

Well here in NY it has been SUPER cold, like 10º, I tried to used my husband's gym membership, but the douches at LA Fitness said I couldn't. I was sooo pissed, I thought well now I cannot work out. Since it's been so cold I have been eating A LOT because I am inside and cooking. Since I needed a workout, I bundled up and ran in the 10º with the wind whipping at my face, dodging ice and snow piles and traffic. I ran 1.5 miles and by the time I got home I couldn't feel my thighs since I was so cold. But I totally defied the odds and went for it. I conquered! I killed it!!

That is how I found my power again! Working out does that for me!

I love food, you all know this. So I eat lots.... #WhyIRun

Feel free to join in. If you defy the odds and go out running in the cold I will send you the badge to share on social media or on your blog!