Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to make the perfect oven baked fries #BeerMonth

I tried three methods in search of the perfect oven baked fries- it's all here for you. No trial and error needed!

I'm kicking off beer month with a healthier version of one of the bestest friends to beer- french fries! Don't we all crave some fried food once you start drinking?! Yuuup!

Well I have a long list for french fries! In fact, I have a delightful little story of me as a child to share with you! 

When I was a kid, my parents sometimes went out on a little date night. I was so mad they went out without me and quickly accused them of going out to get my favorite foods.

"I know you're going out for french fries, ketchup and soda!! I know it!!!"
My little eye brows furrowed and I pouted. I felt the anger inside of me!

So yes french fries own a piece of my heart. So much so I almost asked for a special table of french fries, ketchup and soda at my wedding reception. Sadly I forgot.

Since I got older, wiser and generally started my quest to live healthier there is a frying ban in my kitchen. I will go out to eat fries when I want them, but I will not make really bad unhealthy stuff to keep in the house. I cannot be trusted and I know this.

French fries needed a baked makeover. I tried a couple baked versions, but alas they were not crispy enough. So I set out on a quest, it was simple...

To make the PERFECT oven baked fries.

I did my research like a smart chick this time. Not just winging shit and figuring it out. I found a common theme in my recipe and technique research.

Baking the fries at 450ยบ for 30 minutes.

Recipe after recipe. Same thing. I thought it was too high, but it must work. ALSO I saw a few that said you needed to soak the potatoes, up to overnight and even  a recipe that used cornstarch mixed into the French fries before placed into oven. Soooo I tried it all the ways. Straight to the oven, soaked and soaked with cornstarch. 

In the name of science- well really for deliciousness that was much lover in fat! That's how I roll... And my obsession becomes 

Here is the basic recipe:

4-5 long potatoes, sliced into match sticks (ain't nobody likes a short french fry and this shape seems to make the crispiest fry)
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper and seasoning if you'd like.
2 tablespoons cornstarch (optional)
Non stick foil 
Large baking pan or cookie sheet.

The constant- match stick shaped and same size potatoes, oven at 450 and baked for 30 minutes.

Variable 1- straight to the oven, no soaking, no corn starch.
These came out kinda crispy, but also a little limp. Not bat at all, but not amazeballs.

Variable 2- soaked potatoes overnight.
By adding this step you are theoretically drawing out some of the starch and water present in the potatoes. These were a definite improvement in the first. More firm and crispy.

Variable 3- soaked and cornstarch added.
By adding the cornstarch you can create a crisp coating similar to Burger King or Checkers fries. It totally worked too! They had a slight crisp coating on the outside. This was my favorite!! Definitely delicious, I added some additional seasoning as well. A little garlic powder onion powder and paprika! 

Perfection! Absolutely delish and like real fried french fries. Crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. 

Happy dance!!! We have a winner!!