Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beer Month Begins- Now!

April is Beer Month on NY Foodgasm! 

Myself and 6 other very talented bloggers will be celebrating America's favorite alcoholic beverage- beer. We will be thinking outside the bottle on different recipes with or inspired by beer. Cannot tell you how excited I am about this!
I drank my first beer in college at a frat party. Beer is a big part of many of our lives. Since college though I have learned the joys of craft and local beers. With micro breweries popping up all over America I thought that beer deserved it's own month. As a food blogger, I wanted to pay homage to beer and the many varieties of it, to see beer as my muse! So check back often as there will be at least one recipe a week on NY Foodgasm as well as some reviews and beers featured!

Say hello to my Beer Month Bloggers (#beermonthbloggers)

Jessiker Bakes is a law school student with a passion for baking! Wow, what amazing time management! She makes beautiful and creative confections like these Cake Batter Blondies with Chocolate Chip Cookie Crusts!

Pastry Chef Online is a pastry chef and she wants to guide you and help you learn the skills you need to be the pasty chef in your very own kitchen! Knew I needed her aboard when I saw her Guinness Cake with Burnt Caramel Buttercream!

Much Ado About Fooding is a foodie in every way! Her blog not only boasts original recipes, but also restaurant reviews and much more! She had me at Guinness Ghost Pepper Pretzels!

Hall Nesting is a newlywed that has two great passions in life, helping others and food! She posts some creative recipes, she captivated me with her Guinness Fudge Brownies!

Alex Tries it Out is a multifaceted blog that focuses on lifestyle. She will be representing my love for living a healthy lifestyle while still indulging in some of the finer beers in life! She had me at Beer Tour! She sure knows her beers!

The Brooklyn Ragazza is a fellow New Yorker and a hell of a food blogger, with amazing and gorgeous Italian Recipes! I am a huge fan and count her as one of my best foodie friends. I also secretly aspire to absorb some of her awesomeness. Helloooo chocolate pasta, feast your eyes on this!

 What to Expect

  1. April 12th and 26th beer recipes will be posted!
  2. There will also be posts about favorite beer and breweries by some!
  3. Expect at least one beer recipe per week from NY Foodgasm as well as posts about Beer Dinner I will be hosting and a Beer Theme Party.
  4. A Facebook Beer Recipe Party will take place on NY Foodgasm's Facebook Page on April 20th!


  1. Yay - thanks for getting us all together =]

  2. Very excited to be a part of Beer Month!! My post will be up a bit later on today--my timing is The Worst. =)

  3. I look forward to see beer recipes!! How fun!!

    1. Thanks soooo much! I am psyched since one of my passions is craft beer!

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  5. Hey, what a fun idea! Is it too late to get involved? I am a big beer fan, but I haven't done any beer reviews on my blog in a while. This would be a great way to get back on the horse!

  6. So glad to have you ladies aboard! Wooo hooo!