Monday, April 22, 2013

Brewery Review: Brooklyn Brewery

A Big Brewery that was a Small Disappointment

I was very excited to hit Brooklyn Brewery, I have seen their beer everywhere and I liked a few that I tried. They were right in Brooklyn and they were pretty big so I thought, wow this is perfect for beer month! My expectation is that you could try everything, like you do other places and kind of take your time with it, but the whole world knows about Brooklyn Brewery now since they are widely distributed. So it was pretty packed and the whole set up was just not as I expected.

Firstly, you have to buy tokens to get beers. Since their license does not include selling beers they came up with the clever concept of buying tokens and exchanging the tokens for beer. 5 tokens were $20. Not bad, but I mean if I wanted a pint (these were not even full size pints mind you, just plastic cups) I would have gone to the bar and bought them there. When I went up front I did not want to commit to a beer until I tasted a few. Oh wait I skipped this part....there is a line and you wait in line to be served. Very orderly, BUT it makes you feel rushed. The bartender (if that is what you could call him) was losing patience with me and I just wanted to go there to do as I intended- try all the beer! So I was a pain in the a$$ and tried everything. There was not as much on tap as I expected and I must say all their lighter colored beers tasted light, as in weak or watered down. I am not a dark beer drinker, but these appealed to me way more as they were more full bodied. Their Winter Ale and Monster Ale are great, really rich and flavorful.

Secondly it is a big attraction. I understand why and that is why I was there, but it is not relaxing more like a picnic kinda bar scene, but at least there is plenty of seating.

Thirdly- it is a bit overpriced. Branded glasses and shirts are all very expensive and I really wasn't expecting to pay for beer. But it was a nice place, and they had plenty of seating. I cannot condemn them, it just was not as I had hoped or expected.