Monday, June 24, 2013

An Intimate Look Inside Jedediah Hawkins

UPDATE: Sadly Executive Chef Lia Fallon is no longer with JHI. While it is a beautiful place, I am afraid this review of the food is no longer valid.

Life is but a dream: a beautiful and delicious dream at Jedidiah Hawkins. Tucked away on the east end of long island, in the historic home of it's namesake, you are transported to an alternate reality. A place where time stands still and you savor every moment. Driving up the long driveway I was impressed by the grand scale of the estate. Walking onto the grounds I immediately felt a sense of calm come to me, my worries were left inside of my car and I was free too just savor la dolce vita. Why? So many reasons but mostly ambiance, the grounds are just so picturesque and the historic quality of the home just seems to make you think of a simpler time. No cell phones, no internet, just the presence of others to occupy your time.

Immediately I got a refreshing beverage- a cocktail with some freshly brewed tea and lemon mint from the garden (Yeah they have a chef's garden, like I said it's like a dream). I sat on the deck enjoying the company of my friends and the beauty of the day just before sunset.

Then we had some light bites of artisan cheeses, breads and some meats all beautifully presented.

Next I had the honor of a tour inside of this historic home. All the rooms were designed by different interior designers yet somehow they feel like they belong together. I would live to spend a night in any room, but my favorite by far was the honeymoon suite. Large loft-like room with a royal looking bed and exclusive use of a small tower with 360 degree view of the grounds.

Things got even better when we were shown the Chef's garden with the sous chef and prep chef. Beautiful fresh herbs everywhere,even pineapple mint! 

Then I truely feel like I died and went to foodie heaven- yes I was in the chef's kitchen with one of the most renowned chefs on Long Island: Lia Fallon. I never thought, ever, to have this honor. Even better we got to watch her prepare our meal for the evening!! She prepared for us Salad Ni├žoise, a salad with fresh salad greens and tomatoes from the garden, eggs from the chicken coop and perfectly rare tuna. To watch a professional in the kitchen, I was riveted! The skill and passion that I could see in her was truely inspiring! Personally she was also so amazingly down to earth and easy to talk to! Definitely someone I would invite to a party! 

Then we feasted! Oh yeah! The tomatoes were so beautifully ripe, perfectly rare tuna and a well seasoned dressing. Sooooo good! Redicu-licious! 

Ummm then there was dessert- woah! Best macaroons EVER! Yum x 30! There was a great strawberry rhubarb trifle with custard and a chocolate marquis. Definite FOODGASM!

Last but not east- I got to check out the Speakeasy. The basement, so small but that makes it intimate and you really can imagine people drinking bootleg bourbon down there. The history feels alive down there. I must go back and hang there for a while.

If you are out on the east end--- OR NOT you must check this place out. It is a dining experience unlike any other! I know I will be back again and again!

Shout out to Yelp Long Island for setting this up!! Best event EVER!