Monday, July 28, 2014

Summer Weight Loss Challenge- Week 10

This week's tip is about protein! Stay full, fit and build muscle by having protein at every meal!

This week is all about the protein! You hear lots about it on TV and there's lots of products that boast protein... These products are sometime also loaded with sugar, artificial ingredients and preservatives. So basically what I'm saying is that protein does not mean healthy. You gotta look at the total package.

Eating protein not only keeps you feeling full longer, you need it to build muscle. 

Here's what you wanna look for in protein... 
1- Lean protein- Lean means it has little fat, such as chicken breast or chickpeas.
2- From the source- Eat the source of the protein, have nuts or meat, stay away from man-made protein snacks and drinks as much as you can. Like I said there can be lots of extra sugar or chemicals.

Here are some GREAT examples of lean proteins...
  • Eggs- Each Egg has 7g protein, 2 grams of fat
  • Edamame- 1 cup has 17g of protein, 7g of fat
  • Ground Sirloin- 3oz. has 23g protein, 12 g of fat
  • Pork Loin- 3 oz. has 21g proten, 8g of fat
  • Chicken Breast- 3oz. has 27g protein, 3 g fat

 Week 9 in review

Overall I had a good week, got in exercise, not excessive indulgence etc.

low point- a little stress indulgence, rough week at work, gave in to temptation
high point- loooooong day of hiking and not much eating on Fire Island proving there is much more to life than food and beer!