Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Weight Loss Challenge- Week 9

Week 9's tip is to start the day f%$^*n healthy! When you start well you have a better chance of keeping that groove going the rest of the day, the converse is the same. If you start with a sweet you will be craving it ALL day long!

This is a lesson I learned along my journey to healthier living. It took trial and error but I totally realized how you start your day totally impacts the rest of it! This can be said for eating as well as everything else.

I noticed if I caved and had a cookie and called in breakfast I would be craving sugar the rest of the day. Then there is the old "Oh I already had an unhealthy breakfast may as well write this day off..." There is this domino effect, if you start with a healthy choice odds are that you will make another healthy choice.

For example this morning I started with a smoothie, went to work and spied a chocolate cake in the kitchen. I was totally tempted by the fudginess, the gooeyness, how moist it was and the smell of chocolate wafting in the air at me. That bitch was calling my name... BUT I didn't wanna undo the good I already did, so I completely gave that cake the cold shoulder.

But I really wanna know... how do YOU start the day healthy?

My Week 8 Recap

High Points- I got in exercise and went to a beer event that night, didn't even have 1 whole drink and I ate a snack when I got home since I forgot to eat dinner. (but ummm it was a cookie, DUMB!)

Low Points- Didn't plan enough in advance, ate a lot and did some wine tasting on Saturday. Resulted in lots of snacking and eating a sandwich called "The Heart Attack" this would have been okay if I remember I ALSO had my father's birthday the next day. I sampled pastries and dinner was eggplant parm and meatballs. Did my best to control my portions, but OUCH! Let's see what the scale beholds, but I am not feeling too lucky!

Below is evidence Exhibit A- Me and "The Heart Attack"