Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Writing Process- A Blog Tour

Learn a little about me and my process and what makes me tick.

So what is the deal with this? Like what the hell is a writing process blog tour? Well it is a way to learn about me and my process, basically what the hell goes on in my crazy train brain...  Hmmmmm are you sure you wanna know?

Well Debi from Life Currents invited me to do this, so I guess she was brave enough to ask how I work and what makes me tick.

I met Debi over a year ago, she was one of my first blogger friends and a fan. We share a love for bourbon and were considering a bourbon joint post sometime. Well anyways, I didn't even notice for a while she was vegetarian... that is because her food just looks delicious and filling like a complete meal. She is like a totally cool, non-preachy vegetarian.

Check out some of her work....

Maple Brown Sugar Bourbon Blackberries      Bourbon Banana Walnut Bread

Over this past year of knowing her she has been the most supportive blogging friend ever. She always shares, likes and comments... but like really awesome enthusiastic comments that will make you feel REALLY good if for some reason you're dragging that day. The first month I met her she sent me a thoughtful gift in the mail. Like seriously, so sweet, so supportive and generally a beautiful soul! So THANK YOU Debi for inviting me to join you in this!

OKAY here we go..... MY Writing Process

1- What am I currently working on?

Lots of stuff! I always have a bajillion ideas and time for only a couple.

I may have my first recipe published what should be a very popular book. Fingers crossed, but I must keep mum.

I write for a couple local Edible publications so I always got something brewing... I am the their chick beer writer and photographer.

Healthy water infusion recipes inspired by cocktails. Next is 5 smoothies with 5 ingredients or less... I am getting inspired by buzfeed and thrillist.

I will also be having guest contributors in nutrition and fitness. Experts in their arenas to give you guys some awesome info on how to live a NY Foodgasm lifestyle- living out loud!

Planning on entering the video arena soon. I want people to get the full effect of Sophia up in their face.

Then I also wanna redesign the blog... but let's not talk about that beast just yet.

2- How does your work differ from others in your genre?

I pride myself in my originality. I guess I would consider myself a healthy food blogger with some crazy ass decadent eats in between. So my working tagline is "Healthy food with an attitude!" I think that pretty much sums me up.

I live a healthy, yet totally realistic lifestyle. My 80% healthy and 20% bacon and beer is how I do it. What also sets me apart is my street cred. I lost a lot of weight, over 70 pounds and kept it off. But you won't find any boring healthy shit here. Life is about fun and I want to enjoy every damn meal and be fit as a fiddle.

I am a natural entertainer, as my husband says... so I like to keep my posts short and really fun.

3- Why do I write what I do?

You are gonna call me a cheese ball... but this is how I will make a difference in the world. As fun as I am... I am inside totally dead sober serious about this blog, the pictures I take and the recipes I make.

This blog started as a way for me to share my healthy recipes with friends, but from there I realized I can reach the world- I can touch, move and inspire people to live healthier, happier lives. To bring happiness to others is really what I aim to do.

I worked REALLY hard to completely change my lifestyle and live life in the drivers seat... (NOT the passenger seat). I want to help others do the same, but have FUN doing it. It doesn't have to be a drag... or totally serious and boring.

4- How does your writing process work?

First off I still feel really weird calling myself a writer. A writer to me is some dude in a room locked up in his attic using a typewriter and words like "dubious" or "incredulously" LOL. Someone that writes about politics or world issues that has some fancy degree and sometimes wears a smoking jacket.

So I am totally NOT that and I ain't gonna win a Pulitzer prize... and I am finally growing into this new "title". I write my thoughts, feelings and I entertain with words.

OKAYYYYYY- but back to my process. As you can see I get off topic VERY easily and have a hard time focusing.

Recently I have become more organized. I plan posts now a few weeks in advance to help myself stay on task. (I still change my mind though sometimes, so it's flexible.)

My ideas are inspired by other blogs, pinterest and the world. Sometimes ideas are sparked in conversations. I find myself having food planning conversations with my friend Will, he like for real worked in a restaurant and kitchen and knows the "real" and "proper" ways to do shit.

I am very intuitive about my shoots, I run fast and loose and all over to find the best light.

I make a HUGE mess, my husband isn't too fond of that part... I am like the Pollock of the kitchen.