Thursday, December 4, 2014

Crangria (aka Cranberry Sangria)

Regular sangria just won't do for the holidays, crangria (cranberry sangria) is a festive twist on this delicious drink! 

 So the holidays are coming. Two possible scenarios...

You're hanging with friends, going to a party well this is the answer. Be at the butt of everyone's toasts with this holiday spin on a classic sangria.

Or your hosting some family- in that case make the crangria early and maybe IV drip it in... Before the chaos and the asking of my ovaries business begins.

Either way you end up on top- toast of the party or oblivious to talk of said ovary business!

How the hell can you go wrong with Pinot Noir, cranberry juice and rasspberry liqueur?! 

You can't!! 

Maybe somebody already thought of this, not sure and didn't google it because it makes me sad and not wanna post it. But I thought this up myself... So to me I totally invented this shit! 

Let a girl dream.

Either way after I made that Get Sauced Cranberry Sauce this was the obvious transition!

So it happened and I am glad it did. I am also glad I had some Chambord in the house, because it totally MADE this! After I added the orange liqueur I thought that was it, but something was missing- THIS totally fit the bill.

Oh and next time I decide to made a pitcher of sangria- remember to invite a friend. I cannot drink a whole pitcher. I really couldn't and didn't. Two glasses pinkie swear!

PS: DRINK RESPONSIBLY and stay safe this holiday season!

What you need

8 oz. Pinot Noir
16 oz. Prosecco
4 oz. Cranberry Juice
2 oz. Grand Marnier or any Orange Liqueur
2 oz. Chambord or any Raspberry Liqueur
1 cup of fresh cranberries to top it off

How to make it

1- Combine all ingredients in a glass pitcher, stir well, top with ice if needed.

Nutritional Information