Friday, January 2, 2015

Top Ten Posts and Recipes of 2014

This is my top ten recipes from 2014. From Indian Spiced Kabobs to Hops and Nuts Ice Cream, there is something for everyone and guaranteed you will LOVE it!

Hey guys I know it's the day after new years, but I wanted to recap my top 10 posts and recipes of 2014.

I think I've learned and accomplished A LOT this year! Here are some of my personal goals achieved!
  • I made and edited my first ever video
  • I learned to shoot manual
  • Ran my first obstacle race (also sustained my first sports injury)
  • Wrote for a new publication
  • Brewed and collaborated on my first beer
  • Attended my first beer shows
  • Ran Girl's Pint Out for a little while
  • Started Writing about Beer and Fitness on my blog
  • Stated the wheels turning on the redesign of NY Foodgasm

2015 will be even MORE awesome! I wanted to thank you all who read loyally and follow me! Your support, kindness and just the fact you read makes me feel amazing and is the fuel that keeps me going! +XOXO+

Without Further Adieu here are:

The Top Ten Posts and Recipes of 2014

Moroccan Chicken Gyros

Indian Spiced Kabobs

Brown Butter Bacon Ice Cream

Mexican Breakfast Skillet

Samoa Energy Truffles

 10 myths about dark beer

Gyro Sliders with Creamy Dill Sauce

Hops and Nuts Ice Cream

Bangers & Mash- Featuring Long Ireland Celtic Ale

Chocolate Brown Ale Pound Cake with a Brown Ale Glaze