Summer Weight Loss Challenge

It was the summer of 2013, my own weight loss and motivation was waning. I was talking it over with my husband and he said, what if you tie something in with your blog? The man is a genius! Helping others is a BIG motivation to me and he knew it! Why not come up with an attainable goal for weight loss from Memorial Day to Labor Day (easy to remember and an easy time to get outdoor exercise). It is about 98 days, like 12 weeks or so, 10 pounds and it's totally do-able. So while I can also help myself, I can help all of you that may need it!

The Goal: Lose 10 pounds from Memorial Day to Labor Day!

What's the deal yo?

How does this work? If you are interested in signing up I have 2 Team Challenge Pages on and it's completely FREE!

The point is to motivate, help and inspire one another since altering your lifestyle is difficult. I provide a mini challenge/ food for thought each week. It can be a tip, like getting 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day or it can be about your environment and setting yourself up for success.

I lost a BUNCH of weight (73 pounds!!) on Weight Watchers and my own motivation, so I can pass on some wisdom and guidance of what I learned along the way. I would like to just let you know I am not a dietician, doctor or personal trainer so talk to your doctor before adding exercise or altering your diet.

I look forward to us all working as a team to attain our goal! Plus for those that are able to lose 10 pounds or more by Labor Day I am going to be offering a prize. (Not sure what it is yet, but it will be awesome!) 

The challenge will be closed by 6/2/13 so sign up while you still can! Email me for details!

Follow the teams' progress or sign up HERE and HERE.

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