About NY Foodgasm

Hi- I'm Sophia and I'm obsessed with food and craft beer... 


I wasn't always as happy and shiny as I am in the photo above. I was overweight, unhappy and generally not living life the way I wanted. 

It all changed when I was 30 and joined Weight Watchers. It was not my first weight loss rodeo, but this time I was ready and I did things differently: I asked for help.

I've lost a total of 73 pounds- but it's not the fat that was weighing me down. Negativity, perfectionism and self hate is what I really lost.

I lost the fear most of all... I saw an opportunity to help others by making mostly healthy recipes and sharing some weight loss inspiration with the world.

I like to think of NY Foodgasm as healthy food with an attitude... mostly healthy recipes that will give you a foodgasm- with a few decadent treats sprinkled in as well.

I see life as excess in moderation... meaning that life is 80% healthy and 20% bacon. And I really enjoy me some bacon and craft beer.

Since I am obsessed with both food and craft beer you can find me cooking lots of food with beer or bourbon or any liquor. (see where the attitude comes in?)

I refuse for life to be anything other than fun and if I'm gonna live healthy I'm gonna do it MY way!

I hope to bring you lots of deliciously creative recipes and craft beer love. In the near future I will also incorporate fitness tips, nutrition and inspiration by experts and myself.

NY Foodgasm is living life out loud!


  1. I love your story! It's amazing that you can make healthy food with so much flavor and your right, you don't always have to have grilled chicken and steamed veggies, though that is what I had for dinner, lol! I love your style! Signing up for e-mails!

    1. Thanks soooooo much! That means the world to me! That is why I started this blog, I want to make a difference in people's lives. I want to inspire everyone to be healthy but never compromise on taste or flavor! I say HELL NO to boring food! LOL!