Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blogger Beer Choices #BeerMonth Wrap-up

At the close of #BeerMonth I thought I would share some of the beer stories of the  bloggers I teamed up with.

You all know how much I love beer! But I wanted to spotlight a couple of the other ladies I blogged with for #BeerMonth and have them tell you about their love of beer as well!

So here are some of the ladies of #BeerMonth and what they think about beer!

Heather of girlichef

What do you love about beer?
There are as many types of beer as there are people in the world. That variety makes it easy for drinking beer to be fun and adventurous, if you want it to be. But what's even better—beer is a very social drink.  It lends itself to all sorts of situations from kicking back at home, to catching up with friends at a pub, to washing down some good food. Speaking of food, I also love using beer in the kitchen, for both cooking and baking.

What style of beer is your favorite and why?
I enjoy trying a new beer, be it local, microbrew, seasonal, imported, or just something with a fun label. But at the end of the day, if I wasn't in the mood to think about it or experiment, I would choose a brown ale (like Newcastle) or a stout (like Guinness).

Debra of Bowl Me Over 

Confession time....my hubby is the connoisseur of beer....me more of a common-sewer, hahaha! I'm more of a wine drinker.   Anyway we went to a local hangout and did a couple flights of tasting last night to celebrate #BeerMonth We tasted Pilsner's, Ale's, Lager and a Stout.  We even tried a Pomegranate, Smoker Chaser and a Chili Pepper beer that was flavorful and spicy!  We feasted on some tasty calamari too.  It was super fun to get out and do some taste testing (tough job, right?).  My favorite was Big Horn Red IPA, delish!  Sorry for the grainy pictures, it was dark, noisy and fun - just the way a great bar is supposed to be!  :D

Ashley of Big Flavors From a Tiny Kitchen

What do you love about beer?I love going out and exploring all of the craft beer varieties that are out there. There are so many different  styles readily available, especially if you have a decent beer shop nearby. I particularly enjoy the names/labels on a lot of craft beer packaging - there’s just a ton of creativity out there! And brewery tours are SO.MUCH.FUN. Plus, free samples! I’m most fond of brews from Brewery Ommegang or Dogfish Head.

What style of beer is your favorite and why?
I used to prefer Belgian-style beer and thought IPAs were WAY too hoppy and bitter for me to enjoy, but I’ve found that I can find at least one beer in any style to enjoy. I like things like smoky porters in the cooler months (or for marinating steak!), and lighter beers, fruit-infused beers, shandies and the like in warmer months.

Dang - that made me thirsty! ;)

Stacy of Food Lust People Love 

Truth be told, I don't have a favorite but will always choose the local beer wherever we live or roam, preferably on tap. So, Tiger in Singapore, Moretti in Italy, Liberation Ale in the Channel Islands, Singha in Thailand, Pelforth-Blonde in France. You get the idea. In the US, I love a good Fat Tire Amber Ale or one of Shiner's refreshing brews or a craft beer from whatever area I'm visiting, if there's one on tap. My father always said, "Choose the local beer," and that's become my motto as well. 

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