Monday, February 9, 2015

10 Valentine's Day Beers to Get You in the Mood! #CraftBeer

Whether you're single or attached, you can sure use these amazing beers! Chosen especially for Valentine's Day, they either remind you of chocolate, dessert or even flowers!

I teamed up with Melissa from Drunk and Unemployed to bring you our 10 Valentine's Beer picks and they are pretty epic!! Check out our video!

1. Samuel Smith Organic Chocolate
Chocolate Stout / 550ml/18.7 oz / 5%abv
Roasted organic chocolate malt and organic cocoa
Taste: Smooth and Creamy
Available Year Round
Bottom Line: It's the most intense chocolate flavored beer, like sexual chocolate!

2. Southern Tier Creme Brulee
Imperial Milk Stout / 22oz. / 9.5%abv
2 hops, lactose sugar
Taste: Vanilla, custard, brown sugar, caramel, sweet and balanced, rich and milky
Available February
Bottom Line: THE best dessert beer on the market, very sweet and vanilla for days!

3. Elysian Avatar Jasmine
IPA / 1pnt 6oz / 6.3%abv
Dried jasmine flowers added to boil and hopback
Taste: Very floral nose. Balanced flavor of
Available Year Round
Bottom Line: It sounds weird, but it totally works! The floral with the hoppy IPA flavor is a winner! Drink your flowers!

4. Shiner Birthday Beer
Chocolate Stout / 12 oz / 5%abv
Brewed with chocolate malt and real cocoa
Taste: Chocolate Cake Frosting
Available Limited
Bottom Line: Like vanilla fucking frosting, drink this bitch up and you may wanna get in your birthday suit!

5. Founders Big Lushious
Imperial Stout / 22oz. / 7.8%abv
Roasted malts, dark chocolate, tart
Taste: Jelly Rings/Chocolate covered jelly
Available Limited
Bottom Line: This is one bold bitch and makes no apologies! If you can't taste the raspberry or chocolate, you're flavor-blind.

6. DogFish Head Festina Peche
Berliner Weisse Style / 12oz / 4.5%abv
Ale Brewed with Peach Juice
Taste: Peaches, Hops, Tart/Sour Crisp
Available Seasonally
Peaches offer potassium, phosphorus, iron, A and
C-all key ingredients to enhance “performance.”
Bottom Line: An aphrodesiac delight, millions of peaches and not too sweet!

7. Wells Banana Bread

Fruit Beer / 11.2 oz / 5.2%abv
Malt Beverage with Bananas and Banana Flavoring
Taste: Banana Bread
Available Year Round
Bottom Line: It's like you got slapped in the face with a banana!

8. Lindemans Kriek Lambic

Lambic / 12oz. / 4%abv
Lambic with Cherry Juice and wild yeast
Taste: Tart/Dry Acidic/Sweet Finish
Available Year Round
Bottom Line: Like a tart cherry soda with alcohol!

9. Long Ireland Chocolate Porter
Porter / 22oz/Tap Room/Select Local / 5.8%abv
Malted barley and cocoa nibs. Aged for about a week and a half on cocoa nibs.
Taste:Duncan Hines chocolate cake/Pudding
Available Limited (Tap Room)
Bottom Line: Like chocolate pudding, minus the Cosby Creeper!

10.Barrage Brewing Yada Yada Yada

Brown Ale / Tap Room / 6.8%abv
Chocolate, peanut, caramel, brown ale
Available Limited
Bottom Line: How about some snickers in your brown ale? That's what it tastes like!

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