Thursday, April 16, 2015

How to have a Kick Ass Easter!!

Why was my Easter better than yours? No kids, no need to watch my f'in mouth and an adult Easter Egg Hunt involving liquor... "nuff said.

So you're wondering why is Sophia posting this like 2 weeks after Easter, well I am Greek and celebrate Greek Easter which was just this past Sunday. I fell into hosting it and immediately had some awesome ideas! To have a kick ass Easter!

Not a mockery, just having some fun with the holiday!

1- Gyro and Souvlaki Bar. YES! build your own like a BOSS!
2- Adult Easter Egg Hunt. No edible underwear... but rather Easter eggs filled with mini bottles of liquor! SERIOUSLY AMAZEBALLS!

So I tell my mom about the gyro and souvlaki and she says, "No pasticio (Greek baked ziti with meat sauce and layer of cream sauce)? No spanakopita (spinach pie)?"

I start to fumble.... I'm thinking "Shit she is gonna guilt me into this, I know it."
But I held firm and said. My Easter, I do it my way. So she decided to make them and bring them. In fact, I think my mom made more food than I did. But that's what moms are for, right?!

Well I was determined... My Easter, My Rules!

It was gonna be a very NY Foodgasm Easter with kick ass food, beer and liquor!

Take a look at this menu. Are your drooling yet?

I had my shit together and I did much in advance.... I only snapped at my husband once. THIS is a big accomplishment.  Let's face it, planning and cooking a big dinner is A LOT of work and some pressure. We not have a pretty good system. He does the cleaning in preparation of company and the dishes before and after and I just do my thang... he is the best and most patient dude ever.

The day before...

I de-boned and spiced my lamb shank with my Gyro Spice Blend here and added some lemon and orange zest, fresh grated garlic, fresh mint, extra virgin olive oil and just a tinge of lemon juice. It was like a wet rub. I massaged it in and tied that baby up.

I also marinated all the cubed of chicken for the souvlaki in advance. Similar to the lamb, but not nearly as much spice. Fresh garlic, mint, lemon juice, citrus zest, olive oil, oregano, paprika.

The day of...

I cut up 7 long potatoes into fries and soaked them 3 hours in advance. Dried them and them got 'em in the oven.

I got the lamb in the oven 2 hours before people were due to arrive so it could rest and cook the rest of the way on the stove.

I cut all the veggies and feta for the Chopped Greek Salad in the hour before company.

The the grilling of the souvlaki.

Then the FEASTING!

And then there was THIS!!!

Then the Adult Easter Egg hunt! The MOST fun!

Seriously why is it only kids get to go on an Easter Egg Hunt?? They are sooo much fun! SO I figured there are no kids, I have none and my brother doesn't. Soooo we would have our OWN fun! 

All I did was find some large Easter Eggs and Filled them with little mini liquor bottles and Easter Grass. Luckily Greek Easter is after American Easter so I got mine 50% off!

Even the Moms enjoyed it!!

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